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Master Cigar Roller
Master Cigar Roller
Master Cigar Roller
Master Cigar Roller

Master Cigar Roller

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Cigar crafting unfolds as an age-old ritual, where a masterful artisan, armed with basic implements and an array of tobacco leaves, intricately unveils the artistry of handcrafting cigars in varied forms, dimensions, and hues.

Infuse a dash of Cuban charm into your upcoming event by extending an invitation for your guests to witness the captivating artistry of cigar craftsmanship! I specialize in delivering captivating cigar rolling demonstrations tailored to various occasions and venues. Elevate your corporate and social events with our skilled Cigar Rollers and premium, meticulously crafted cigars.

The designation of "Master" is attained through the capacity to discern, meld, and assemble tobacco leaves, shaping the very essence of a cigar's size, potency, and structure. We assure excellence, unwavering consistency, and steadfast dependability.

We meticulously employ a thoughtfully curated fusion of tobaccos cultivated from Cuban seeds. Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan fillers, orchestrate a harmonious equilibrium within our range of cigars, synergizing seamlessly with our wrappers to attain the pinnacle of flavors.


- Incredible experience of a beautiful display, fresh rolled cigars and an experienced master cigar roller

- $1000 for a 2 hour service and includes 60 cigars