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My name is Pedro Pablo Montero Carbonell. I was born in 1973, on the island of Cuba. At a young age, I started working at the “Real Fabrica de Tabacos Partagas” (a.k.a. the famous Cuban Partagas Cigar Factory), in order to continue a family tradition of three-generations of tobacconists, from my grandfather Juan Montero to me, and additionally, to share with you all my teachings of the marvelous plant that is the Tobacco and to give to you all the perfect Cigar. 

In 1939 my paternal grandfather, Juan Montero, started his Cigar Factory (Montero 1939 Totalmente a Mano, Montero 1939 completely handmade). The interesting thing about this year (1939), is that my wonderful mother was also born.

They called my grandfather, Juan Montero the “Artisan of the town” for his creativity. At the beginning of Fidel Castro’s Cuban Revolution and the arrival of Communism in 1959, my grandfather and my family lost everything. All his sacrifice that was made for his family through his Cigar factory was lost, like many other Cuban Families in all types of private businesses.

Stripping away from my father’s family heritage, which my father suffered for his whole life.

When I was a child, after school, my mother would take me to an art workshop, which I continued to go to for several years. Due to transportation difficulties, my mother could not continue taking me. At the age of twelve, my father taught me all the secrets, traditions, and teachings that my grandfather passed down to him.

I later proudly took the family name Montero enrolled and passed the quality control course in the “Real Fabrica Cubana de Tabacos Partagas” (a.k.a. the famous: Cuban Partagas Cigar Factory), to look for a path to the United States of America, the country of liberty, the country I set foot on in the year 2004 to revive my family tradition and my grandfathers brand.

I remember with great sadness when I left Cuba. The Cuban government did want to give me the official documents of the Montero brand, which was started in 1939. They told me that was the price for leaving the country and that is what I did to leave the Communism of the Castro brothers, and with great faith to come to this country of grand opportunity to make real the dreams of my father (who could not do it). Thank God and thank the United States of America for allowing me to make Montero Cigars and for allowing me to portray my artwork the way Juan Montero “the Artisan of the town” did, from his marvelous cigars to his first humidor in 1941. And through this wonderful art, I am able to honor my ancestors, for my tobacconists and artisan grandfather which loved to customize his client’s orders—fusing carpentry and the technique he used as a Master Tobacconist. I have continued the legacy of my grandfather recreating the artistic creations in humidors and cigars, as well as the exquisite cigar blends made for the most demanding smokers all thanks to the United States of America that allowed me to live the American dream. On top of my certification as a quality control technician, I had the opportunity to get to meet with great depth this beautiful plant created by God, which I give thanks for blessing me in helping me create this great project, which has granted me the opportunity to meet my work staff, which is inclusive of the excellent master Cuban tobacconist, master painters, master carpenters, master goldsmiths, and jewelers, professionals in law and business administration. This has allowed me to study tobacco from the ground to the finished product and ready for the most demanding consumers. 

I, Pedro Pablo Montero Carbonell, pay tribute to the world of smokers for being part of this great work of art and give thanks for their unconditional support.

Never Give up. 

Made for smokers— Rico Tabaco Montero.

May God bless these United States, my children, and my wife for their support.

I am thankful for:

My brother for all his teachings,

My grandfather for his legacy,

My father for passing down all of my family traditions,

And my mother for all her love and art and for teaching me to be persevering. 


Pedro Montero - Owner and Founder